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Champions Online Misha - Water balloon by CaptFox
Champions Online Misha - Water balloon
Ok - Misha takes his water balloon fights VERY seriously - perhaps too seriously. If you think that water balloon is big you should see his snow balls!
Champions Online Misha Brightleaf by CaptFox
Champions Online Misha Brightleaf
Code name: Misha Brightleaf
Powers: Archery

I play way too much Champions Online. When I first started the game I brought over several characters from my old City of Heroes game.

   Here is Misha Brightleaf posing without clothing. But no fear all the naughty bits are covered keeping the game (and this webpage) at PG rating. It took a lot of effort to get a really good looking fox but I love the results.

   Misha's powers are Archery. He's a powerful character and I always enjoy playing him in game.

city of heroes Orliana by CaptFox
city of heroes Orliana
Code Name: Orliana
Real Name:  ?
Born: March 2 1975
Powers:Science, Scrapper, Katana/Super Reflexes
Affiliated Group:

This super heroes appeared only recently on the scene but has proved deadly with her razor sharp katana and lightning fast reflexes. He High heeled boots and skin tight leather pants brought her a lot of attention. Not all of it good. Still that katana makes sure everyone stays respectful.

   Orliana was a favorite of mine. And I deliberately gave her a skin tight leather outfit with buckles. Several times I had people hit on me in game. Evidently they didn't realize that in real life I am a male. It was funny at first but it got to be annoying after a while. still she was fun to play!
City of Heroes Dr Circe by CaptFox
City of Heroes Dr Circe
Code Name: Dr Circe
Real Name: Kayna Lanston
Born: March 23 1966 Leeds England
Education Doctor of Veterinarian science
Powers:Science, Mastermind Beast Mastery/Pain domination
Affiliated Group:

  Kayna always loved animals. Even as a child she always had a half a dozen pets and a dozen  more injured animals she was helping. She attended college and eventually earned a degree in veterinarian medicine.  Years of research led to a breakthrough in animal healing. Unfortunately she was 'effected' by during testing of the treatment and was changed. Kayna adjusted fairly easily to being a lioness below the waist.  But another side effect was she was able to communicate with and control animals.

   Delighted and a little unnerved she was still studying her powers when a group of Sky Raiders attacked her lab. Kayna used her powers to direct her animals to attack the Raiders and helped drive them off. She realized just how potent her new powers really were and decided to become a Super. She had kept her animal lower half hidden (no small feat). She she put on a large blonde wig and a skimpy costume that looked to be straight out of the Xena; Warrior Princess TV series. And thus was born Dr Circe the super heroine

  Dr Circe was a cool character. She picked up a good collection of animals right away. That included 3 wolves, 2 lionesses and a dire wolf. You can see them here Dr Circe Animals I was always amazed by just how powerful all those animals were when she attacked.
City of Heroes Trickshot by CaptFox
City of Heroes Trickshot
Code Name:Trickshot
Real Name: Katharina Balent
Born: September 14 1970
Powers:Science Blaster assault Rifle/Devices
Affiliated Group:

   Katharina discovered young that she was VERY good with a gun. Any gun regardless of size, make or caliber. A brief service in the army honed her skills but service in uniform seemed boring. And being a mercenary seemed even worse. Seeing a movie on TV about Annie Oakley gave her an idea. She packed her guns (all 44 of them) and joined the circus. She was a hit with her incredible marksmanship. Soon she added all sorts of extras like smoke grenades to make the show even better.

   She was in the middle of a performance when the Rickti attacked Bangor Maine. Without missing a beat she turned her weapons on the aliens with deadly effect. In the bloody fighting that followed she wound up in an ad-hoc team defending the city. When the war ended she decided to stay.


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United States

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