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City Of Heroes Surfs Up
Surf's Up
by Christian O'Kane
  "Now please don't touch anything," Misha said firmly. The fox was talking calmly but his long, bushy tail was moving back and forth at high speed, betraying his nervousness.
  "You've said that already," Stealth complained. The cheetahs ears were laid back and his teeth bared. "Twice. Don't you trust me?"
  "Of course I trust you but this is a weapons research lab and if you touch it there might be a large explosion."
  "Or several followed by a fireball and a mushroom shaped cloud," the nanites added.
  "This is a military research lab," Stealth commented, ignoring the nanite’s comments. "They're used to things blowing up or failing."
  "Yes but only on field testing and not around expensive and fragile lab equipment," Misha added.
  "Why are we here?" Stealth asked. The two were walking along the tree lined sidewalks of a major university in a quiet suburb of Boston.
  "A check up on the cloaking su
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City of Heroes New York City Legends
New York Legends
  New York city – The Big Apple. New York has always been home to a colorful collection of people. It is normal to people of a score of countries speaking a dozen different languages. Every city has it’s myths, legends and stories and NYC has its own collection. Amusing confusing, mysterious and some just outright weird.
  NYC spends millions of dollars a year trying to contain the pest problems the city has. None is more well-known than the subway rats. The MTA expends a great deal of effort to remove the rats in the subway. They have yet to completely get rid of them but they have contained them. There are countless stories of how the rats in the subway are as big as dogs. But until 1957 no one realized just how true that was.
  A Super Team; ‘The Excelsior’s’ was hired by the city when reports came of something lurking in the tunnels. Villains and monsters seem to be attracted to the subway tunnels and sewers unde
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NY City Library Lion by CaptFox NY City Library Lion :iconcaptfox:CaptFox 0 0 NY City Library Lion by CaptFox NY City Library Lion :iconcaptfox:CaptFox 0 0 Memories of 9-11 by CaptFox Memories of 9-11 :iconcaptfox:CaptFox 0 0 9-11 Memorial by CaptFox 9-11 Memorial :iconcaptfox:CaptFox 1 0
COH Holding the Lion
Holding the Lion
By Christian O’Kane
Leo M Panther
  “ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION!” The voice blared loudly over the emergency frequency. “This is an all units alert! WE have a major Sky raider incursion in Holland.”
  “Whose sending that alert?” Misha asked.
  “NATO HQ itself,” The nanites responded.
  “The Sky Raider Cruiser Silent Vengence has beached itself at Scheveningen – The Hague.”
  “This is a is a major effort!” The nanites commented. “The NATO team is deploying. The English team, the French Team, the Dutch team, the Belgian team. Two local teams and six independent heroes have already responded. They’re also sending a dozen planes and the NATO ready battalion.”
  “The Raiders are making an all out assault,” Strela commented.
 “This is Misha and Strela,” Misha announced over the radio. “We are responding.
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The Beast
I was inspired to write this to explain my life long fascination with trains. I call it simply "The Beast".
  When I was young – only 4 or 5. My parents took me to see the trains. I honestly don’t remember where or when but one part still stands out in my mind. My father took me to the station for what I now know is a ‘Run By’. The locomotive and train would run past the station at speed. He was doing around 90 mph when he passed.
  My father took me to the station and we found a prime spot close (but not too close) to the tracks. And we waited.
  My first sensation was the rails started to sing. An odd twanging, humming sound that told of a train approaching. Then there was a faint shriek of a whistle. A light appeared in the distance and slowly got larger and brighter.
  The ground started to shake –  a faint vibration only felt through the soles of my feet. But it grew stronger and a pounder rumbling noise accompanied it.
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City of Heroes: Shillelagh by CaptFox City of Heroes: Shillelagh :iconcaptfox:CaptFox 3 0
COH An Old Warrior
Old Warrior
By Christian O’Kane
  When the battleship U.S.S. New Jersey (BB-62) arrived at the Camden New Jersey waterfront museum on 15 October 2000 most thought her days as a warship were over. But they were wrong. It’s hard to keep a good warrior down. She had been retired before. Commissioned in 1943 she had served in World war 2 and been decommissioned in 1948. She was recommissioned in 1950 for service in the Korean war) and then decommissioned in 1957. Recommissioned (again!) in 1968 (Vietnam war) and retired in 1969. Recommissioned yet again in 1982 (Cold war) only to be decommissioned for what was thought to be the last time in 1991. The cities of Camden NJ and Philadelphia (which is just across the Delaware river) were delighted to have such a major tourist attraction there. She quickly became a major tourist attraction.
  The ship's true worth became clear on 23 May 2002 with the Rikti invasion. The Philadelphia/Camden area was major industrial/manufact
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City of Heroes: Final Changes by CaptFox City of Heroes: Final Changes :iconcaptfox:CaptFox 1 0 TINY picture by CaptFox TINY picture :iconcaptfox:CaptFox 1 1 Port Said Egypt Lighthouse by CaptFox Port Said Egypt Lighthouse :iconcaptfox:CaptFox 2 0 Old picture of China? by CaptFox Old picture of China? :iconcaptfox:CaptFox 2 1 Town of Wertheim 1983 by CaptFox Town of Wertheim 1983 :iconcaptfox:CaptFox 2 0 Wertheim Castle 1983 by CaptFox Wertheim Castle 1983 :iconcaptfox:CaptFox 0 0


Staff problem by Vikozlav Staff problem :iconvikozlav:Vikozlav 12 8 Favorite Shirt by TeknicolorTiger Favorite Shirt :iconteknicolortiger:TeknicolorTiger 67 4 Day off by Vikozlav Day off :iconvikozlav:Vikozlav 4 2 Fox by Quiet-bliss Fox :iconquiet-bliss:Quiet-bliss 181 6 Foxytale's Halloween Contest :) by xXCastedShadowXx Foxytale's Halloween Contest :) :iconxxcastedshadowxx:xXCastedShadowXx 18 2 Fox by White-Winter-Fox Fox :iconwhite-winter-fox:White-Winter-Fox 810 184 Vintage Los Angeles - Mt. Lowe Railway by Yesterdays-Paper Vintage Los Angeles - Mt. Lowe Railway :iconyesterdays-paper:Yesterdays-Paper 17 0 Lycans: Seeker by CrazyAsian1 Lycans: Seeker :iconcrazyasian1:CrazyAsian1 326 11 Silent monastery by mrDOOMS Silent monastery :iconmrdooms:mrDOOMS 10 10 The Grid by WojtekFus The Grid :iconwojtekfus:WojtekFus 5,333 153 U.S. Army Balloon and Hangar by Yesterdays-Paper U.S. Army Balloon and Hangar :iconyesterdays-paper:Yesterdays-Paper 17 1 Night Scene Postcards - Corpus Christi Bay, TX by Yesterdays-Paper Night Scene Postcards - Corpus Christi Bay, TX :iconyesterdays-paper:Yesterdays-Paper 44 1 DREcEryaya by WinterFox18 DREcEryaya :iconwinterfox18:WinterFox18 85 30 DnD Character by CoffeeholicMutt DnD Character :iconcoffeeholicmutt:CoffeeholicMutt 71 2 Victoria 7 Wip 1 by Bad-Dragon Victoria 7 Wip 1 :iconbad-dragon:Bad-Dragon 145 33 Kerennium by Bad-Dragon Kerennium :iconbad-dragon:Bad-Dragon 66 35


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